Opa ohne Lobby

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A film - a true story.

The film “Grandpa Without Lobby” shows the sad reality of a powerful lignite lobby against a single citizen from Proschim who never did any harm to anybody: Grandpa Kapelle. He has 3 children and 5 grandchildren; he looks back on an eventful life full of work. A likeable 77-year-old who shall be expelled and expropriated from his own piece of land, losing his homeland, his house and his plot of land; all this happens in the 21st century. For lignite, to be given away by two East German federal states to a Swedish state-owned group, making makes billions with this and leaving devastated landscapes in Germany.
This movie shows a human fate and an inconceivable tragedy, which appears to come from dark ages, long since passed. But this tragedy is present, Grandpa Kapelle’s fate is authentic.

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Braunkohle Lobbyismus stoppen
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